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Manufacturer : Unifoil

Color : Black

Size : 5m

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Manufacturer Direct : Unifoil

Introducing our new wind wing, the Pinion: we’re really excited about this wing and we think you will be too. It’s a complete redesign from our previous model. We wanted a wing that works in the widest range of conditions and the Pinion really delivers that. We think it sets a new standard for performance and control.

The Pinion has a really balanced feel. It has a huge wind range, with lots of low-end, and it is really stable when flagged out. It features longer semi-rigid handles for more direct control and a one-pump system for easy inflation, with a dump valve on the strut for easy pack-up.

Who is it for? We wanted a wing that you can start with and stay with: the Pinion is designed for novices, right through to advanced and pro riders. It covers all disciplines: freeride, freestyle, wave, downwind, and racing.

Coolest thing about this wing is the colour - it’s black: what’s better than that?



  • Works for the widest possible range of abilities and conditions
  • Balanced low-end power and wind range
  • Dihedral and v-shape profile improves flag stability
  • Flatter tips reduce touchdowns in takeoff
  • Longer semi-rigid EVA handles for more direct control and micro-adjustments in hand position
  • Made with dacron for lightness, stiffness and durability
  • Pretensioned leech line to reduce flutter at full power
  • Wider hose to our ‘One-Pump’ inflation system, and a second dump valve on the centre strut for faster deflation.