Quiverbroker.com is the #1 marketplace, and blog for Surfing, Kiteboarding, Wing Foil, Windsurf, and Paddleboarding, turning over thousands page views per month. We focus on helping shops and manufacturers expose and sell their inventory. Additionally our blog reviews the newest products, technology and the people and brands behind them, giving advertisers unparalleled access to consumers seeking out the coolest, latest and greatest.

Unlike most sites 100% of our ads are industry endemic. Quiverbroker.com’s layout is clean and straightforward. Homepage ads rotate within either the upper or lower section at random upon all page changes so your ad is always in a new location meaning visitors don’t get “site blind” to our ads. Blog ads all rotate within 1 section on all page changes.

Because our listings are updated constantly and randomized, our homepage always looks fresh and always has something new to see for returning visitors.

Even better, ALL of your ads are shown on ALL primary content pages, not lost in image galleries or forums. Every spot is a premium spot, reaching a premium audience. If you want to reach buying customers, shop managers and industry buyers that matter, Quiverbroker.com is where you want to be.


We can work with you to achieve your goals while delivering a massive audience of shoppers. Here’s how:


We’d love to have you advertising, and we love to review stuff, but we keep the process separate. We absolutely do not let advertising bias our reviews or competitive coverage. It wouldn’t be fair to our readers, and it wouldn’t be fair to you or the industry as a whole.


Lets talk - Please request a phone call by emailing us here. Some spaces are limited and fill up quickly, so if you’re considering a campaign with a time sensitive component, please contact us today.

We also offer custom packages including social media and blog page integration along with social and email marketing. We can run contests, surveys, and sponsored content packages.