by QB Staff 


Surf helmets, ( or really any aquatic sports helmets ) isn’t something new, but has been a pretty stale sector of the market. Many of the offerings available are either a retro fitted cycling, skate, or mountaineering helmet. No consideration was made for use as a surf helmet, ( or any aquatic sports in general). As an example of the most well known brands, ( Gath ) looks like a cycling, skate, or motorbike helmet that someone one day decided “looks ok, lets call it a Surf helmet”. Most importantly the Gath being shaped like a cycling skate, or motorbike helmet ( with an oversized shell ) Creates a huge issue when used for Surfing. The helmet creates a lot of whiplash upon impact with water. The overall size of the shell is much too thick.

A Surf helmet must consider many specific particular usage needs, but IMO the 3 most important need(s) if you are going to call a helmet a “Surf” helmet is:

The ability for the helmet to duck dive Quickly drain the water out  

No whiplash upon water impact


The SIMBA Sentinel 1 covers all 3 of the most important needs.


The Gladiator ( Sentinel ) design doesn’t simply look cool. It was designed for purpose and inspired by ancient Roman gladiators that had to deal with swords, and shit coming at their heads. Those helmets seriously needed to be able to deflect, and were designed for that purpose. Similarly a surf helmet should deflect water and boards flying towards your face. The SIMBA Sentinel 1 covers all basis.

Additionally the SIMBA Sentinel 1 offers these additional standard features not found on any other “Surf” helmet: lower jaw & ear Protection

The SIMBA Sentinel 1 retails for $199.00 a fair price for the high end performance, finish, and design