We created to help manufacturers sell products that have gone unsold to shops, and for local shops to sell, and expose their inventory to a huge endemic audience. Multiple shops all advertising their deals in one place is powerful! makes it easy for consumers to search 1,000’s of items in one place, and exposes deals to a much larger audience than would be possible via an individual shop website.

How does QUIVERBROKER work?

Search to find a Surfboard, Wing Foil, Foil, Kiteboard, Paddleboard, Windsurfer or related accessory that you must have. Click the one you like or click a bunch. Listings get updated every day (mostly) so visit daily. ➡

Info you need will appear: Shop details, full product details, a link to share the item with a friend, a link to add the item to your social media. Use the safe secure BUY NOW button, call, or go to the shop. Tell them sent you. Either way you win. ➡

Take your new gear to the body of water of your choice. Shred, ( or whatever word in en vogue today ) to the max, impress your friends with your skill set. Create some cool social media content. Tag & follow @quiverbroker - Then go grab a Beer(s) & Burrito. ⬇︎

fairly useful info:

SEARCH 100's OF BRANDS, 1,000's OF PRODUCTS ON ONE SITE makes searching, and comparing lots of different Foil, Surf, Kiteboard & Windsurfing items, and brands easy. Different shops carry different brands. Since lots of shops all post gear with us - lots of different brands are listed for you to peruse, compare and buy. Our goal is to help you better enjoy life while adding to your Quiver. ⤵


Nearly every manufacturer has a warehouse full of current and past years models, scratch & dent, rep samples, and demo boards. When you see the "Manufacturer" flag flying it means that the item is still in their warehouse where you can order it directly from the manufacturer via the BUY NOW button. If you ask you may also be able to get it delivered to your local shop for pickup in a matter of days. Also you should sign up for our 100% non spammy, never sold to tec companies, email list to be notified of only the most choice offers. ⤵


Hungover? Been dumped? Been out all night making “poor” decisions? So why not make another one? You get home - go on line, and you buy new gear off a sketchy site thinking it will make you feel better, or better yet from some guy named "Bob" selling stuff on some sketch classified site that you meet in a dark alley. Imagine how devastated you will be when you come back to reality and realize your purchase is well,, crap? Using makes a poor purchase decision highly unlikely. Our listings are from trusted local shops, and manufacturers that you can actually call. Trust us - this is the best way to go. ⤵

SHOPS DON'T PAY TO LIST ( 5 or less ) ITEMS,,, really,,, lets any legitimate shop list ( 5 or less ) items for $0.00. Really?,,, Yes really - we make our bacon from manufacturer listings, add on services, and selling ads on the site. Not crappy useless ads. Ads on QB are industry related endemic ads that help you get shit you like at a slick price from trusted local shops, and manufacturers. We want to help Local shops. They're the best at providing service, advice, and continued support. Some in fact can be a great hangout, and a place to meet some new like-minded friends. If shops go under the whole social thing will crumble, so shops get some free listings. ⤵


Not in the current realm - But we're not Anakin Skywalker so we don't possess precognition so you never know.