King's Paddlesports SIM SUP FOIL BOARD

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Manufacturer : King's Paddlesports

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The King's Simmons Foil Board (SFB) is the result of countless hours of testing. The SFB is the perfect launching platform for your surf foiling. This is perhaps the best performing and lightest SUP hydrofoil board in the world! Be sure to view the videos below.

The SFB provides you the following features and benefits:

    • Wide yet short outline = gives you stability and maneuverability making it easy to balance while up in the air.
    • Ultra light weight = makes it easy for you to balance the board when you are up in the air.
    • Full length bottom channel = produces increased stability, paddling speed and allows the foil strut (mast) to be more perpendicular to the board when the board is paddled through the water.
    • Full concave bottom = further increases stability while creating lift for easy  wave catching.
    • High tail rocker = allows you to easily pop up into the air and fly and prevents the tail from digging into the face of the wave or the white water.
    • Beveled mid and nose rails = prevents the rails from catching during turns.
    • Sharp rails in the tail = allows the water to shear off when paddling and catching waves.
    • Diamond grooved EVA deck pad with adjustable Dakine foot straps = provides perfect foot placement, traction, grip and aids in proper balance.
    • Step-Rail = produces thin rails which reduce drag. This eliminates fat rails making it much easier to catch waves. 
    • Custom shapes and sizes at no additional cost = Have it your way without breaking the bank.
    • Made in America = Support your fellow countrymen and women. Why buy an embarrassing Asian pop-out when you can have the worlds best?