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Model : Lazer DEMO

Manufacturer : King's Paddlesports

Model : Custom

Size : 8'2"x29"

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Save on this LAZER Demo board!! The Laser Custom is a super high-performance SUP surfing board. This board is available in several of the most popular sizes and colors. However, the Laser is also available in any size and or color combination you may want. Simply call us to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to your call. PERFORMANCE The Laser is designed to be easy to ride for high level beginners through expert level SUP surfers. This board gives you solid stability with maximum maneuverability. The Laser is well suited to waves heights from 1' to 10' making it a highly versatile choice. The Laser likes to be ridden from the tail with one foot on the stomp pad and the other foot just behind the center of the board. The Laser likes to be ridden fast and down the line. The Laser allows you to make hard snaps and reentries. The Laser allows you to make super tight cutbacks without loosing speed. The Laser works fantastic in mushy as well as steep hollow waves. THE SHAPE The Laser "Custom Shop" board is created working one-on-one with you. Together we design the exact board you want. This is done over the phone and on-line (or in person). You logon to our design screen where you will see your board 3D designed. As we interact together your board will be designed before your very eyes. The design is created using state of the art 3D CAD software. The Laser has medium high nose rocker in the 7" to 8" range depending on your preferences and the board length. This helps prevent the nose from pearling on late drops. The Laser has high tail rocker allowing very loose turns. The bottom of the Laser has a single full length concave that feathers out into a slight V running of the back of the tail. The concave gives you high lift and high speed. The rails are, like all King's Boards, super thin allowing you to penetrate the face of the wave for control and maneuverability. King's rails are not chunky and square like all other brands! The deck is fairly flat for comfort The deck pad is super soft and diamond cross cut with a kick-block and arch bar. CONSTRUCTION The shape is Computer Numerically Control (CNC) machined in our factory. The ultra-high-fusion EPS foam core is available in two different densities: Super-light weight: giving you a 10% to 20% weight reduction in the final board. Light weight (standard): giving you a very light but durable board. The shape is hand finished to exact dimensions. The Laser comes with four FCS II side fin boxes and a 10-1/2" long center fin box. The board includes fins. The board is colored to your exact color preferences. The bottom of the board is laminated with epoxy resin and 3 layers of 4oz fiberglass cloth which wraps around the rails onto the deck. The deck of the board is laminated with epoxy resin and 3 layers of 4oz fiberglass cloth and a foot patch of 6 oz fiberglass cloth. The fiberglass lamination which wraps around the rails onto the bottom. This gives you 24 oz of fiberglass on the rails for protection against dings. The top and bottom are finished using epoxy resin. The top and bottom are finished in a clear UV resistant polyurethane. You have the choice of either satin or high-gloss. GET ONE TODAY The Laser is a King's "Custom Shop" board. While we offer it as a Standard board model, we recommend you custom order your Laser to maximize your enjoyment. Nothing works better than a personalized and custom fitted board. Due to the wide range of body sizes and skill levels, it is very important to perform an accurate assessment of your needs. Following the assessment, we will build your board to the exact size, volume and color combination you want. Call us today to discuss the Laser in detail. Call 760-822-7344.