Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control

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Model : Cruise Control

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Model : Green

Size : 11'6" x 32"

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Also available in red & blue Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control 11'6 x 32 (200L) *$500 off and Free Shipping! It's very rare to find Jimmy Lewis boards on sale. Jimmy's longest running, best selling Cruise Control SUP is the original All Around board. Many have copied the basic dimensions, but you have to try one to realize what a tremendous difference there is. This is the best board for the paddler who wants to do a little bit of everything. Full nose and squash tail for stability. Perfect rocker for maximum glide. Parallel rails for tracking (so you don't have to keep switching sides while paddling to go in a straight line). 11" noserider fin. Self regulating Gore Vent. JL Signature I-Beam Construction is the strongest. The shell of the board is made up of layers of fiberglass that are separated with a thin layer of PVC foam. This creates an I-beam effect of high strength and low weight.

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