Torq Fish Twin Surfboard, Futures

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Model : Fish Twin Surfboard, Futures

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Model : White

Size : 6'

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In keeping with the original Fish design, this is by far the fastest board in the TEC line. The Fish makes surfing down-the-line waves an effortless thrill ride – highline speed and wide eyed grins. We have re-worked the design a little with a modern tweak so you can keep all that speed under control with fluid direction changes and smooth rail to rail flow.

The twin fin set up is loose enough for tight turns or for drawing long arcs on clean waves. It’s width and volume also makes it a great choice for more intermediate surfers looking for a shorter board. It’s equally at home in average surf, where the large planing area delivers performance in weaker waves.

  • 6’0 x 20 1/2” x 2 1/2”    - 36.2 ltr