Art in Surf Cruiser Waves

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Covewater Paddle Surf
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Model : Cruiser Waves

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Model : Bamboo

Size : 9'9" x 29" x 4.25 144L

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Look at this beauty!! SUP long board style perfect for cruising or wave riding. The Art In Surf Cruiser is particularly impressive in its maneuverability because of its swallow tail and ultra light weight. The round longboard nose provide extra stability and excellent glide that is perfect for nose riding as well. Ease to entry wave thanks the rocker as well, this board will provide you amazing sensations. Durable, strong and good looking board with its double bamboo layer (deck and bottom). Comes with Futures F4 side fins + 8" center fin and can be used as a quad as well. The perfect board that provide you maneuverability, stability and glide. Art In Surf Cruiser Wave available in two sizes 9'9" x 29" x 4.25 144L 9'2 x 28.5 x 4.5 133L Now at only $1299