NSP Cocomat

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Model : Cocomat

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Model : Blue

Size : 8'10" x 29" x 4" 124L

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Here is the ultimate all round board from NSP, The Cocomat!
A perfect blend of fun wave performance and flat water paddling.
Proven since a while, this semi pointed nose surf shape will bring you the ability to surf well. It has a lot of stability and ease to paddle so you gonna be able to cruise as well. 

Maneuverable and responsive thanks to its pulled tail, you gonna have all the speed you need for enjoying all type of wave.

This is what we said just before, the perfect all round !!

Comes as a 2+1 (2 FCS a big longboard box), can be surfed as a quad.

NSP Cocomat 
8'10" x 29" x 4"
Cocomat construction is an innovative, sustainable, proprietary and patent pending ultra light and extremely durable. Visually unique board with unmatched strength to weight ratio. Very light to carry, easy to maneuver and really responsive when you paddle.

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