King's Paddlesports SUP FOIL

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Model : SUP FOIL

Manufacturer : King's Paddlesports

Color : Black Carbon

Size : 4 sizes

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The King's Hydrofoil is the most advanced surf and wake foil on the market. It gives you the highest performance with the lowest weight. And, it is the easiest hydrofoil to master. The King's hydrofoil is the result of engineering and extensive testing by our team of expert test pilots. You will love this foil regardless of your experience or skill level. Beginners through experts love the King's Surf Foil. 

See the video showing how well the King's Hydrofoil performs in tiny waves. Our goal has been to create a hydrofoil that can be quickly mastered. In these videos Dave Daum is shown on the optional 32" wide front wing. Notice how easy it is to fly on this wing and the amazing glide produces. For faster and or larger waves we generally use a 24" or 28" wide front wing. Please enjoy the video below.