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Model : V3

Manufacturer :

Color : Green

Size : 14x25.5

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14" x 25.5" FULL DETAILS "Best all-around racing board whether it's pure-glass flat water or knee-high chop. I've won more races on this board than anything other." - Danny Ching The V3 is the best all-around race board available and is a proven winner. Years of testing, improving, and innovating board design created the V3. The signature "Square Rail" provides it's well-known Primary & Secondary Stability*. Unlike other boards, the nose glides slightly above the waterline allowing it not be affected by wind chop and other board wake. *Primary Stability = Initial stability felt from centered and balanced position i.e. How stable a board feels when you first stand on it. *Secondary Stability = Amount of stability felt once the board is off axis and has begun to tilt i.e. How stable a board feels once you are off balance. Most other race boards only have a primary stability. 404 Handle and Self Regulating Air Vent FCS molded Micro-Dot SUP Traction FCS SUP Series Touring 9.0 Fin Board Construction + 1 lb EPS Foam (with carbon fiber stringer) + 5.7 oz Carbon Fiber + 4 oz Fiberglass